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Established as Egyptian joint stock company in accordance with the provisions of the Capital Market’s law no. 95 / 1992 and its executive regulation, pursuant to license no. 469 dated 16/6/2008 , registered at  approved  sponsors register under no. 14 , dated 16/10/2008 and at the financial consultants register with the Egyptian Financial Supervision Authority (EFSA) under no. 1727 , dated 8/1/2009.

Osoul Arabia arising out of Safwat Nour El Din Management Consultant, which includes many of departments that can cooperate with it to provide the best services to the clients, because it has a long experience in many fields like incorporation ,   legal affairs, valuation & appraising , accounting & auditing , taxation , insurance and others.

Osoul Arabia has elite consultants who have especial technical & administrative and financial experiences since 1982, which resulted in a wide base of clients as well as raising of the technical efficiency for the provided services and prepared studies by our company.

Our Services

Authenticated sponsors at NILEX

The company performs the role of the authenticated Sponsor for the small and medium companies already registered or desire to register at the NILEX through undertaking

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Initial Public & Private Offering

The company provides the financial consulting & underwritings’ management services related to all aspects of initial public & private offering including:

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Share's fair value studies preparation

Osoul performs the family business valuation and the joint stock companies’ shares and determines the share’s fair value for several reasons, including:

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Financial & Finance studie

Provide advice and technical support in the field of projects’ financing and credit studies’ preparation through study and analyze the investments & financing structures,

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Due Diligence

Due diligence procedures as follows:

Determine the book cost of the company’s net assets subject to inspection through

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Economic Feasibility studies and market's search

First: Economic feasibility study:

The company provides economic, technical, financial and legal consulting needed

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Companies' merger, acquisition, ownership, separation, division and selling

Determine the share’s fair value with purpose of ownership or merger with the public & private sector’s companies whether it is

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Corporate Financial & Administrative Restructuring

First: Financial restructuring:

The company provides the following services:

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Our Clients


Osoul Arabia’s main clients from starting date of activity (1/5/2009) till today at the financial consultation and the share fair value determine

Non registered companies neither at EGX nor NILEX

United for Petroleum Services ” UNICO”, Systel for Communications – SYSTEC,  Tag El Wafaa for General Trading ( KUWAIT ), H.S.J for Tourism Investment, Alex and Saudi Company for Tourism Projects

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NILEX registered companies

BIG Company for Trade and Investment, Misr Intercontinental for Granite and Marble , Al Moasher for programming and Information Spread

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EGX registered companies

KAFR EL ZAYAT Pesticides & Chemicals Co, Grand Holding Company for Financial Investments, Misr for Financial Investments

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